Neighborhood Watch

Post received from our friends and neighbors in the Harlan Hills Condominiums who are also assisting in Neighborhood Watch.

Friday, December 4th a break-in was reported in a  HHCondo residence.   This occured during the daytime and no one was home at the time but they had not been gone long.   The house was locked.   Intruders entered the screen porch and threw a large boulder through one of the sliding glass doors.   Upon returning home, the ownders found the boulder and shattered glass inside the house.  No items were reported damaged or stolen.  It is possible the arrivval home scared the  individuals out the back door.    A teal/aqua car was spotted in the neighborhood around the same time and a neighbor  happened to get the license plate number Police were notified and have asked neighbors if they had seen anything.  They’ll be checking for info re: that suspicious car.

So please be alert for unusual people/vehicles in the neighborhood. 

Obviously locking up isn’t always sufficient, but since some of the recent robberies in Madison used a key or garage door opener, please be careful about taking those precautions, also.   Thanks — and be on the lookout!Thank you to the Harlan Hills Condos Owners Association for rapidly relaying information posts.

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