Covenants & By-Laws

Please be good neighbors!  Remember that we all signed and agreed to abide by the Protective Covenants for Harlan Hills.  Our covenants are to protect us all!

“All plantings to be placed upon the Lot shall be planted within thirty days of occupancy of the Dwelling or upon completion of constructions, whichever comes first..””Each Lot shall, within one growing season of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the Dwelling located thereon, be improved with all landscaping that was set forth in the landscaping plan approved by the Committee under Section 3.02.”Post Lights:”Each owner, at his or her expense, shall install a post light approved by the Committee for the front yard…”City of Fitchburg:Rules and Regulations require the mowing of all lots on a regular basis during the growing season.Storage:”Outdoor storage of vehicles, boats, or any other personal property shall not be permitted…The storage of automobiles, boats, travel trailers, mobile homes, campers, snowmobiles, motorcycles or any other recreation vehicles is prohibited unless kept inside the garage.”

Satellite Dishes
Exterior antennas or satellite dishes should not be placed adjacent to a street and should be hidden from street view.

Maintenance of Property
The owner of each lot shall be responsible for maintaining it in a neat appearance. Rules and regulations require the regular mowing and snow removal of all lots. There is a City of Fitchburg fine for noncompliance.

Brush Collection
Placing brush at the curb long before the Monday of the collection week, or leaving the uncollected brush at the curb for extended periods is a violation of Fitchburg ordinances. Here is the collection schedule.

Single-Family Residences, No Businesses
All HH lots are used for “single-family” residential purposes. No business, whether or not for profit, may be conducted from any Dwelling.

Nuisance Prohibited
No noxious or offensive trade or activity that may be, or will become, a nuisance to the neighborhood shall be carried on.

Follow this link for Harlan Hills Complete Declaration of Protective Covenants

Architectural Approval Request Form
Many home and landscape improvements require prior approval from the HHNA Architectural Committee:
Monica Cicci: 230-8338
Pam Sprecher-Galka:
Steve Olson:
Follow this link for Architectural Approval Request Form

Follow this link for Harlan Hills Complete By-Laws
Harlan Hills By-Laws 2011 PDF

Follow this link for Guidelines for Harmonization with the University of Wisconsin Arboretum and Pesticide Use on Harlan Hills Lots

HHNA Guidelines Harmonization with UW Arboretum & Pesticide Use

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  1. Just a Reminder to everyone that yard sign of any kind other than sale signs are prohibited. Action will soon be taken.

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