Neighborhood Watch Awareness/Alert

Hello HH Neighbors:

An alert/awareness has been forwarded regarding activity in the area. 
A neighbor in the area of Dartmoor – Edenberry took notice of unusual activity of a vehicle about 9:00 PM Saturday June 4th.  The vehicle was driving past houses very slowly using NO car lights.  The neighbor turned on several lights only to see the car pull away to park in front of a Harlan Hills’ resident’s home.  A white man hopped out of the car and began jogging.  The neighbor watched him jog the side of  their house, through their front yard and heading towards another neighbor’s garage.  The neighbor then opened their front door and asked if they could be of assistance to the gentleman.   He immediately sprinted down the  driveway of another HH resdient and throughthree other HH yards before speeding away in a* jeep like car*.  Just thought I would pass this along.  As the Fitchburg Police have repeated suggested to our NW program, LEAVE OUTDOOR LIGHTS ON and ONE INSIDE LIGHT and rotate those lights to be predictably UNpredictable to potential pattern watchers.  
THANK YOU for reporting any activity to NW of HH.  As the weather has improved, the local news has reflected the increased activity of crime in residential areas.  Thank you for your awareness and passing this on to our group!

Amy Spade, HHNA Board Secretary on behalf of Neighborhood Watch

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