Prairie Restoration-Volunteers Needed!

Want to have a lasting impact on the world around you in just two hours?

The Harlan Hills Prairie Park Committee recently met with city staff to further our progress on the prairie restoration and enhance use of the park. When the weather warms, it will be time for our spring burn and then we need to spring into action.

Before other plants start coming up and while the ground is soft, we will plant small prairie plants to increase variety and color in the area.  This is where you come in.  If you can give a couple hours of your time, you can make a difference.  The city  will decide how many plants to order based on the number of volunteers we have to put them in the ground.  We need to order by next week so we can take advantage of low prices.  Please consider your time availability and flexibility in March and reply back to Celia Kiela at by this Sunday, March 3.  Unfortunately, because this project is highly weather dependent, we can’t give you a specific date.  It will depend on warmth, calm winds, and hopefully rain in the forecast so that the new plants will get a quick drink.  If you have a friend in the Seminole area that enjoys the park, but isn’t on our contact list, please feel free to pass this invitation along.

If you are not able to help this spring, there will be an opportunity in the fall when we will have an opportunity to harvest ripened seeds from the Dunn’s Marsh prairie and scatter them into our prairie.

As a side note, as you can read here, the city and your neighbors are taking great efforts to create a beautiful space that will outlive all of us.  You can do your part by not using the park or the tree line as your compost area.  Some residents have been leaving vacuum cleaner refuse and discarded potted plants in the trees.  This is not only an eyesore, but is harmful to the animals and plants in the area.  Please dispose of your waste properly. Thank you.


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